Title:  This group shall be known as the ‘Mud Island Garden Community.

Objectives: The objectives of the group are to establish, maintain and develop a community garden on land managed by the Mud Island Garden Community.

The community garden will be maintained as a safe and welcoming space for adults and children, tended and looked after by the group members. Along with facilitating and promoting local educational and arts events in the garden, we aim to be a hub of horticultural and food growing knowledge.  We aspire to be organic and sustainable; and aim to promote the many links between gardening and our community’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.

The Mud Island Project is an environment free from discrimination, harassment, racism and disrespectful behaviour.  The group has no political affiliations and is a voluntary community group.

Values:  The guiding values and principles of the Mud Island Community Garden are: 

Sustainability and biodiversity, connection, diversity and active inclusivity, openness and welcome.

All work and events in the Garden will reflect and uphold theses values.

Membership is primarily for, but not limited to, residents in the North Strand and Ballybough area, over the age of 18.  The group has a clear policy of social inclusion and membership is open and encouraged. 

All members of the Garden, current and new, are required to acknowledge, accept and abide by the Mud Island Garden Community Constitution, and the Mud Island Rules and Code of Behaviour.

Rules and procedures shall be posted on the Website and in a prominent position in the Garden.

The Committee shall have full power to decide any question for which no provision is made for in the rules and by-laws, and shall be responsible for proposing the appropriate amendment at the earliest possible time.

Prospective members will fill out an application form, and pay an annual fee.  The annual fee per household is currently set at 10 euro waged, 5 euro unwaged, and shall be agreed upon each year at the annual general meeting. 

Committee:  Mud Island Garden Community Committee should be elected each year at an annual general meeting of members, including a chairperson, a secretary, and a treasurer. In the event of a person leaving the area or resigning from the committee, the remaining committee may co-opt another member to fill the position.  A person who holds any elective position in local or central government shall not be eligible for election to the committee, and any committee member wishing to contest such elections must first resign from the committee. The committee will reserve a minimum of two places for local residents whose homes back onto the site of the garden.

Committee meetings: All committee meetings shall be convened by the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Finance Officer or Membership Secretary, who shall give due notice of dates and times of such meetings to each committee member. The Secretary shall keep minutes of meetings and records of attendance and provide the committee with an agenda and copies of previous meeting’s minutes.

Management: The overall management of the project shall be vested in the Committee, who shall perform all such acts, as may be deemed necessary or expedient to further the objectives of the project. The day to day running of the community garden shall be vested in key holding members. 

Working Groups: Working Groups (with minimum 3 members) will be agreed annually at the AGM where particular bodies of work or events are identified as requiring larger resources and time assigned with specific tasks.  Committee members are encouraged to join a working group, and members can join up to three different groups.  Ad hoc working groups are also encouraged, and should comprise of at least one committee member, and renew/cease as its purpose is fulfilled.

One permanent working group, rotating on an annual basis, will the Resolution Group, which will comprise of a minimum of three existing committee members (and a maximum of five committee members).  Its purpose shall be to deliberate and provide a decision of any/all issues of conflict, referred to it in the event of non-resolution elsewhere. Its decision will be issued in writing within one working week and its determination shall be final. No person who is a party to the conflict shall form part of the said Resolution Forum Committee. 

The Project recognises the value of participation and welcomes the widest participation possible.  The committee, in managing this resource, will endeavour to ensure fair use of the garden – for classes, events, workshops etc, and as a community resource.

The Project is open to permitting activity requests from other/separate groups and will accommodate these where it is possible.

Banking Procedure: The Group shall have a bank account(s) into which all monies received shall be lodged. Cheques shall be signed by a minimum of two people (chairperson, treasurer, secretary or finance office). The Project’s accounts will be presented at each AGM.  Financial governance of the Project will be provided by the Finance Group, consisting of the Treasurer, the Finance Officer and at least one other committee member.




The following are some basic rules for all garden users and are based on the rules abided by in most other community gardens in Dublin.

  1. For insurance purposes, the community garden can only be used by local residents who have access to the site, and members of Mud Island Community Garden Group.
  2. Children are only allowed in the garden accompanied by a parent or guardian and must be supervised by them at all times. Toddlers need to be actively supervised around garden tools and equipment, and older children need to behave and not hurt or bully other children. If the presence of any child causes concern because of lack of supervision or behaviour they may be asked to leave the garden.
  3. All gardeners are encouraged to bring their own tools for digging and planting
  4. Gardeners are expected to help out with weeding, digging, watering etc. and in return are allowed to take food for their own consumption
  5. Strictly no alcohol or banned substances allowed in the garden
  6. The garden will only be accessible on specified days (to be defined) where gardeners are welcome to dig in.
  7. Key keepers must never duplicate keys or lend the keys to someone not involved with the community garden.
  8. For security purposes, gates to be secured when the garden is not being used.
  9. A list of all key-holders will be held by the Secretary (or other office-holder), indicating present holders.


Local Residents

  1. Those working in the garden must have due consideration for residents in the immediate area, they must refrain from being on site before 9am and after 9pm during Summer months (March to October) and 9am to 5pm during Winter months (November to February). Any work that involves loud noise must be kept within the official time limits laid down by Dublin City Council.
  2. Access for residents must not be hindered by activities of the gardening group.
  3. Full consideration must be given to local residents and no nuisance should be caused to local residents.


Health and Safety

  1. The community garden must be maintained with full consideration of the health and safety of all involved in the project.
  2. Tools must be safely placed and supports must be appropriate and firmly secured, not posing a risk of injury.
  3. Water butts, compost bins and other containers must be contained within the community garden’s boundaries.
  4. The surrounds around raised beds must be of a suitable material for its purpose and height and must be well fixed and supported.
  5. Pets must be kept under restraint at all times. Pet foul must be cleaned up, and persistently barking dogs must be removed.
  6. Rocks, stones, and other debris removed from community garden must be carefully disposed of.


Environmental and Legal

  1. The community garden must be maintained in an environmentally friendly manner and for sole purpose of growing crops for private and domestic use.
  2. Chemicals and pesticides must be avoided and those not approved by the Department of Agriculture are strictly prohibited.
  3. Illegal plants must not be grown.


Key Holder Contacts:

Breda Jackson
Email: tel: 0870624321

Fionnuala Halpin
email:  tel: 085 7106115

John Hannigan
email: tel 085 7470607

Maeve Foreman (opens on a Saturday)
email: tel: 086 168 3702

Mary Kennedy (opens on a Tuesday)
email: tel: 0871319554

Paul Redmond
Email: tel: 086 8292556

Ross Golden Bannon (opens on a Thursday)