Mud Island Rules and Code of Behaviour 



For insurance purposes, the community garden can be used only by members and guests who have access to the site.

It is necessary that there be agreed guidelines for all those who come to the garden, in order to:

  • Allow the garden to function in an orderly manner
  • Foster an understanding of others’ needs and abilities
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of children and adults
  • Give each member a positive experience of the great outdoors

It is important that children and parents support each other to achieve the above aims. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must be supervised by them at all times.

Parents / guardians and committee members are responsible for dealing with matters of behaviour which occur within the garden. Members and visitors should consult with committee members when matters arise in the garden that impact on garden life.

Adults and Children are expected to:

  • Treat all members of the garden community with courtesy, fairness and respect
  • Lead by example by supporting and encouraging positive behaviour in the garden
  • Keep their toddlers in view at all times.

Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to:

  • Name calling
  • Abusive or bad language
  • Throwing stones
  • Graffiti
  • Stealing
  • Violence
  • Damaging property
  • Climbing on the raised beds
  • Locking the caravan door from the inside
  • Climbing in or out the windows of the caravan

When problems arise, the garden community aims to work in a restorative manner to address issues in a fair way. For example, the following strategies may be used to help a child or children reduce incidences of unacceptable behaviour:

  • Be warned officially to stop and asked to reflect about the impact of their behaviour
  • Be separated/moved temporarily to another area of the garden
  • The committee will keep an account of the frequency of the incidences
  • Parents/Guardians will be informed of such occurrences
  • An agreement may be entered into with the child towards improvement

Should two or more members of the committee deem that a child or children’s misbehaviour is grievously affecting the garden order, then the following may apply:

  • Re-negotiating with the child/children and parents
  • Asking the child/children to enter into an agreement towards improvement
    • In extreme circumstances the committee may find it necessary to impose suspension(s) from the garden



It is important in a project such as this that each member recognises that diversity and mutual respect is strength and in this regard, focus should be to involve all members as active participants, acknowledging that the committee works best when it operates as a unit.   

Supporting the objectives of the Mud Island Garden Community is paramount and must involve dealing with all issues in an appropriate and sensitive way, acting at all times in the best interests of the smooth operation of the project.  All must be mindful that membership of this committee is voluntary and due respect must be given to all members’ skills, experience and knowledge, thus respecting the organisational structure. 

In this regard, and to provide a safe and enjoyable experience in the garden, all must endeavour to work considerably and respectfully with each other, acknowledging patient understanding, due consideration, support and encouragement at all times, thus avoiding any occurrence of conflict, giving offence, causing embarrassment, bullying, isolation and harassment – which is in direct conflict with the ethos of the project.

The Mud Island Community Garden has no political affiliations and is a non-political zone. Along with the Garden this includes the media, social media, communications and publicity materials used by the Garden; while representing the Garden; events taking place in the Garden.

At all times, members undertake to adhere to and improve the existing governing documents of the project (which may be altered from time to time) in order to continue to enhance its objectives. All should be aware that individual conflicts result in the committee ceasing to operate effectively.

In the event of an individual/members dispute, in the first instance sincere efforts should be made between the individuals concerned but failing resolution, the matter shall be referred to the Resolution Forum Committee, whose decision and recommendations shall be final.  No person who is a party to the dispute shall form part of the said Resolution Forum Committee. 

All members should be aware of the terms of the licence issued by Dublin City Council.

Gardeners are expected to help out with weeding, digging, watering etc. and produce will be shared.  Mud Island has a ‘leave no trace’ policy, and gardeners and other visitors to the garden are expected to remove all waste, debris and surplus items.  Members are required to clean and put away tools after use.

While making facilities easily available is a core objective of the Garden, users or other visitors are aware they bear responsibility for items or equipment borrowed or lent from the garden, and they must be returned or replaced.

The garden is accessible only on specified days, (agreed at the AGM and publicised widely in advance) and where gardeners are welcome to dig in.  Some people like working in a team to definite directions whereas other more experienced gardeners will often take responsibility for particular areas or jobs and work on those at their own pace (to an agreed plan with the Lead Gardeners – who is the Key Keeper for that day). 

Gardening-time and Events-time are scheduled carefully, with members recognising the occasional need for flexibility to accommodate the multiple uses and the best interests of the Garden.

Key keepers must never duplicate keys or lend the keys to someone not involved with the community garden. A list of all key-holders is held by the Secretary (or other office-holder), and is also available on the website.

For security purposes, the gates are to be always secured when the garden is not being used



Those working in the garden must have due consideration for residents in the immediate area, they must refrain from being on site before 9am and after 9pm during Summer months (March to October) and 9am to 5pm during Winter months (November to February). Any work that involves loud noise must be kept within the official time limits laid down by Dublin City Council.

Access for residents must not be hindered by activities of the gardening group.

Full consideration must be given to local residents and no nuisance should be caused to local residents.



The community garden must be maintained with full consideration of the health and safety of all involved in the project.

Tools must be safely placed and supports must be appropriate and firmly secured, not posing a risk of injury.

Water butts, compost bins and other containers must be contained within the community garden’s boundaries.

The surrounds around raised beds must be of a suitable material for its purpose and height and must be well fixed and supported.

Pets must be kept under restraint at all times. Pet foul must be cleaned up, and persistently barking dogs must be removed.

Rocks, stones, and other debris removed from community garden must be carefully disposed of.

The Key Holder on duty is the acting First Aid Officer. 

The First Aid Kit is stored in the Art Shed.

Incident Forms are stored in the Green Box, and in the event of an incident, will be completed by the Key Holder on duty.



The community garden must be maintained in an environmentally friendly manner and for sole purpose of growing crops for private and domestic use.

Chemicals and pesticides must be avoided and those not approved by the Department of Agriculture are strictly prohibited.

Illegal plants must not be grown.