Carmen Soto Herbal Body Care

All – natural & Handmade

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Payments; Cash, Revolut, Regular bank transfer. Your order could be collected, or, I could deliver it free of charge to your home (where possible).

Hi, my name is Carmen, I am passionate about herbs and oils and the potential of these natural ingredients to nurture body and mind.

My approach to life is a life connected with nature, getting back to our roots and back to the basics of living in harmony with nature. A natural lifestyle is key for me and my family’s health and wellbeing.

I am an active member of Mud Island Community Garden, I’ve taken part in the last Christmas and Spring Markets.

I have always used herbs and oils from a young age and this in grand part comes from my family’s knowledge and traditions in Spain (soap making, cultivating vegetables and medicinal plants). Also, more recently from courses and workshops (aromatherapy, medicinal plants, Irish native plants), and through research in books and articles.